Your Home SOLD Guaranteed or I'll Buy It!

With The Glen Russell Sales Team, you get a whole team of professionals working for you. We never run out of time for you, because each of us is responsible for a specific process in the sale or purchase of your home. Together, our combined efforts add up to superior customer service!


The Problem:

The biggest problem for anyone who is looking to buy a home, is that they already own one. This can be a problem, because if you buy before selling, you end up owning two homes; and if you sell before buying, you end up homeless! This is what we call “The Real Estate Catch 22.”

The Solution:

We ensure that you never get stuck in “The Real Estate Catch 22” of owning 2 homes or none at all. If your present home is not sold by the time you buy your new one, we will buy your current home ourselves for the upfront guaranteed price.